Various problems with update 18.03.30 Raspberry Pi

  • I just had the chance to do the update and now I'm having a couple of random problems. A lot of the stuff I had scraped is not showing. I scraped everything on my Pi and now certain consoles aren't showing anything at all, not just random games like before. Some random Famicom games wouldn't load. Then I went to Mame and all the games I had been playing, Galaxian, Galaga, Galplus, now they won't work. I hadn't played around with it much so who knows what else is possibly messed up. Anyone else having problems or did my stuff just not update correctly?With the update just before this one, something weird happened. I use the micro sd just to install Recalbox, then I have a USB drive for consoles, and one for all the arcade roms. When I booted it up all three ways it re-downloaded and installed the update. When I started the Pi up today I did so with no usb drives so I could mess with the new theme settings and not have it take forever to reload between options and it downloaded and installed this update twice. When I reloaded with my two different usb drives it luckily didn't try to install again (which is the way it always worked before). Sorry this was so long winded, I just wanted to make sure and give as much info so I can get the right help.

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    @necrobot20xx It can't work that way... when you update it update the full system, including partitions on the SD and partitions on the USB
    USB partition is part of the system too, and it is also the one storing your personal modifications to the system.
    It's part of the update too, so when you swap your usb keys it detects that the update hasn't been applied for the second one

    So what you did there is updating only the part on the SD and when connecting any of your USB key, returning to the pre-update state or something (because in the second case you weren't prompt for an update, and that's not good)

    And the previous update might have been badly applied too.

    So your Recalbox must be in a strange state.

    I would suggest to do backups of all you games, bios, saves, scrape data and reinstall from scratch a clean version.

    I don't think it is possible to cleanly update the setup you're using anyway, it only works with sd + one usb, but as soon as you're using two usb and redo the update with the second one it's fishy. (update of the sd part will be redone, who knows if it's perfecty safe to do it twice ?)

  • @voljega I restarted with a fresh new install of Recalbox on my SD card. Then I put all of my roms and my scraper images onto the USB drive. Now MAME is working with the games again but isn't showing a bunch of duplicates like it used to. MAME is also showing the scraper info and images, but every other system isn't! I have spent so much time doing all of this stuff and scraping roms and every time a new update comes out something goes wrong.

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    @necrobot20xx check your gamelist files to be sure they are not corrupted

  • @voljega That's the problem, I didn't copy those over. Any way to get them back without re-scraping everything?

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    @necrobot20xx scraping is contained in gamelist.xml, so if you don't have them (and the related images in downloaded_images directory), scraping is lost, plain and simple.

    if you don't have them anymore and no way to get them back, you have to rescrape everything, there is absolutely no alternative.

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