Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus) - Compatible?

  • Hi, any news about the 3B+? Maybe an idea about the approximative release date? :)

    Salut, des nouvelles pour le 3B+? Peut-être une fourchette sur la date de sortie? :)

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    @quentin-renaudin no date will be given, please stop asking! It'll be released when it's ready.

  • Bonjour,

    Avez-vous une béta pour qu'on puisse déjà utiliser notre rpi3B+ ? SVP

    Merci :)

  • Themer

    @hoyohoyo la moindre politesse c'est de lire les messages précédents

  • @voljega said in Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus) - Compatible?:

    @hoyohoyo la moindre politesse c'est de lire les messages précédents

    Bonjour, sauf erreur de ma part, nulle par on parle de beta dans ce post, donc je ne demande pas une release comme tous les autres.

    pour info j'ai passé une bonne heure à tous lire ;)

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    @hoyohoyo non, la réponse et les explications ont déjà été données.

  • This started in englisch, why some People Talk in French? Go to the French Forum Please or Talk englisch

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    I think, also some tolerance for people not speaking english, should be good. Also from german citizen. ;) Recalbox was boren in French an is sited in French, and if really something interesting to read, there is always google translate.

  • I'll lock this topic if it keeps going on like this ...

  • @acris heuuu... ok ...

  • I actually bought my very first Raspberry Pi to use with RecalBox, and I instinctively bought the last one: 3B+ ! so now I can't make my Recal Box with the pi I specifically bought for this purpose.

    Of course the team working on RecalBox is busy, and works at its own pace and however they want and that's fine :)

    But maybe it would be good to display a visible disclaimer on the RecalBox homepage and download page, because it took me a month (and buying a new power adapter) to finally end up on this page on the forum to understand why I got the yellow thunderbolt with my Pi :/ (the yellow thunderbolt is said to indicate a power problem, and there are no disclaimers anywhere about Pi 3B+ and Recalbox, or not anywhere I looked for the past weeks anyway...)

    Just my 2 cents.
    (again, this is not a criticism against the dev team. I do hope you'll be able to make recalbox compatible as soon as possible, but I understand that it's not ready and I'm grateful for the work you do. I'm just really really frustrated XD)

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    Maybe this is time to lock this topic once for all...


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