8bitdo SFC30 - Press and hold not working

  • Hi all

    I'm currently playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on GBA. Somehow I managed to finish nearly 50% of the game when I figured out I can't activate some of my abilities "Press and hold R1" doesn't work on my 8bitdo SFC30 controller.
    Tried it with a old wired generic controler and "Press and hold R1" works, but not on 8bito Zero or SFC30.
    Is there a fix for this behaviour or do I have to buy another controller?

    Running: Recalbox 18.02, 8bitdo SFC30 firmware ver. 4.10

    Thanks in advance

  • @orome how have you started your pad ? Thz 8bitdo zero is ... how to say ... a pain as firmwares always mess up configurations.

    But the SFC30 should work. Have you started it with START+B ?

  • "Start + B" what does that combination do (and at what point do I have to press that combo for it to be effective)?

    Just to clarify: Both contorollers (zero and SFC30) work in recalbox in bluetooth mode.
    Just the "Press and hold R1" doesnt. If I press and hold L1 or R1 it registers as multiple presses.

  • @orome START+B boots the pad as a gamepad, not a sa keyboard or whichever fancy behaviour we don't want (the Zero should be started with START+R if i remember correctly).

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