NETBIOS Issues With Latest Release?

  • Trying to figure out if there is a problem with the latest release? If I download and install the latest image from the internet and DO NOT perform the update.. I am able to connect to my recalbox from my Windows computer (\recalbox) on a hardwired network connection

    But after I perform the update and reboot my raspberry pi, then through DNS to \recalbox won't work.. only through IP address on a hardwired network connection.

    Even more interesting, if I disconnect the network cable, connect to my wifi connection and attempt to connect or ping to it from my Windows computer by DNS (\recalbox) or by IP Address, i get the error message that the destination host is unreachable. I also noticed that the displayed IP Address in EM that if it doesn't show the IP address, that it shows some weird set of characters..

    Again, this happens to only the latest version upgrade of recalbox, and I tried on multiple Pis and different micro SD memory card brands and memory sizes.

    any thoughts of what is going on? Known issue?

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  • @tdelios I'm not on Windows, but anytime i had to use it, had no problems.

    And I renamed the issue, DNS != NETBIOS name

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