Xbox 360 controller reconnect problem on mupen 64 plus since recalbox 4.1

  • Hi there, I updatet my raspberry pie some days ago to recalbox 4.1 and i really enjoy the new features. But since the update I have the problem that when I play n64 games and use the regular mupen64 plus emulator (it does not madder which core i use) that I cant reconnect my Controllers in game. In detail I use Xbox 360 Controllers with the wireless dongle from Microsoft and when they dissconnect for any reason (battery issues etc.) it is not possible to reconnect and use them again without restarting the hole game. This problem did not exist on Recalbo 4.0. If I use the libretro emulator it works fine but the games look much worse than with the normal emulator; it is nearly impossible to play Mario Kart 64 with 4 players with those graphics. Therefore i wanted to ask, if its possible to fix this disconnect/reconnect problem or if you know if there is a possebility that the libretro emulator looks as good as the others do. Hope to hearing from you. Greetings

  • @felix-endemann change your battery or use removable rechargeable batteries.
    alt text

  • @rockaddicted yeah i know hat this should not happen but i want a solution for the reconnect problem if it happens. Eg when we play Mario Party or something it can happen that we play for hours and it is very frustrating when we cant reconnect a conroller after changing the battery. And again it should be said that this worked perfactly on recalbox 4.0

  • new driver, new rules 😕

  • this commit should help

    We'll update mupen64plus core + plugin in a next release

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