@aknada said in Recalbox on Gigabyte GA-J1900-D3V not work usb ports:

Hello, I am faced with the problem of non-working Usb ports. As a result, the keyboard does not work. Gamepad does not work. After the end of the launch of the recalbox, it is impossible to control the system. I think that the system lacks a driver for some controller. How can I solve this problem.

before loading recalbox, the keyboard works in the BIOS. It stops only after starting. https://youtu.be/H4QS5_2M8zc

I recorded a slow motion video of the verbose version of the recalbox loading process. https://youtu.be/VK6EuehQThA

I would be grateful for some good advice

Hi @Aknada

Did you try to modify your bios settings. Some settings can alter how the kernel probes hardware.